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04/21/2014 on Dogzer
Come hunt for Easter eggs and win gifts!
Hello everyone,You saw him?! We didn’t!The Easter Bunny came to Dogzer without anyone noticing! And he hid Easter eggs around the pages of the...
04/16/2014 on Lionzer
A new animal has arrived on Lionzer: The Jackal! You’ll love it!
Hello everyone,You probably already know that in January, India was in the spotlight on all of the Dreamer Games.After a long trip to join us, Lionzer is...
04/06/2014 on Dogzer
In April, take your dogs to Peru!
Hello everyone,Following the United States in March, a particular South American country is being featured in April on all of the games by Dreamzer Games:...
04/02/2014 on Dogzer
April is the month of the hourglass on Dogzer!
Hello everybody,It may be the beginning of spring, but it is still quite cold outside and is much warmer inside playing with your dogs, correct?So, to help...
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Dreamzer Games to honor Peru in April
During the month of April, Peru will be honored on all games by Dreamzer Games. Peru follows Australia in December, India in January, Russia in February,...
In March, the United States is being honored on all games by Dreamzer Games
Following Australia in December, India and Russia in January and February, it is now the United States’ turn to be celebrated during the month of March on...
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