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05/26/2016 on Dogzer
News about the Mexican Hairless Dog (or Xoloitzcuintle)!
Hello everyone,Did you like the Mexican hairless dog (or Xoloitzcuintle to its friends ) that appeared a few months ago, and that is still available...
05/15/2016 on Dogzer
Some new coats to give to your dogs!
It has been a while since we last offered you some new coats to give to your dogs using the Fantastic Coat bonus, don’t you think?  We have...
05/13/2016 on Horzer
The Holsteiner is getting a makeover: come and make the most of it!
Hello everyone,Of course you are familiar with the Holsteiner, a powerful half-blood saddle horse from Germany.This horse has been available for a few...
05/04/2016 on Dogzer
A new breed that comes to us straight from the Sahara!
It’s the month of Morocco, and over the last few days many of you have transported your animals to the foot of Mount Atlas. To continue with our...
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Dreamzer officially announces the acquisition of the editorial sites &
Dreamzer Games, the editor behind the dog game site Dogzer and the cat game Shinycatz amongst others, has officially announced the acquisition of the...
Egypt is being celebrated on all the games by Dreamzer Games in September
Egypt is the country that is being highlighted during the month of September on all of the games by Dreamzer Games. It follows on from the nine other...
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