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  • Dogzer

    A tail-wagging game!
    Adopt and take care of one or several virtual dogs!

    Feed and look after your puppy, watch it grow and progress, then make it a champion in the dog shows.

    Organize with other players to breed with their dogs and get puppies!

    Get a job (groomer, vet...) or create your own kennel club to take care of your friends' dogs.
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    A new dog has made its arrival on Dogzer: come adopt the Vizsla!
    Hello everybody,After the Spanish mastiff last month, a new dog (highly demanded by players) has made its arrival on Dogzer today: the Vizsla!This...
    Black panther, Octodon, Birman, Boa, Nightingale, Ferret... : 18 new animals to adopt!
    Hello all you animal lovers,We know you like dogs, but what about other animals?  If you do, we’re sure that you will be interested in some of...
    Welcome to paradise: Polynesia is being celebrated in August!
    Hello everyone,With that, we can already hear the complaints… What? How? Polynesia’s not a country! Okay, okay, but at Dreamzer Games, we like to let...
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    Dogzer - Your new dogDogzer - Take care of your dogsDogzer - The dog shows
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