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    Explore the Savannah, the amazing world of the animal king!
    Who hasn't dreamed of going to Africa and exploring the Savannah and the dry lands of the animal king? This game lets you hang out with lions, meerkats, zebras, warthogs... and all this in your home for free! Become an explorer who is passionate about the Savannah and the wild animals it holds. Create your own African reserve and manage it as you see fit to look after other players' wild animals. Lastly, meet friends that are real fans of the Savannah too, create groups, chat in the forums and share your passion for this amazing world!
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    Come hunt for Easter eggs and win gifts!
    Hello everyone,You saw him?! We didn’t!The Easter Bunny came to Lionzer without anyone noticing! And he hid Easter eggs around the pages of the game! We are proud to announce that it is.
    A new animal has arrived on Lionzer: The Jackal! You’ll love it!
    Hello everyone,You probably already know that in January, India was in the spotlight on all of the Dreamer Games.After a long trip to join us, Lionzer is no exception, since today we welcome a new.
    In April, take your animals to Peru!
    Hello everyone,Following the United States in March, a particular South American country is being featured in April on all of the games by Dreamzer Games: Peru, the land of Machu Picchu and the famous.
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    Lionzer - Your new animal of the savannahLionzer - Take care of your animals of the savannahLionzer - The savannah challenges
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