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    The farm as you've always wanted it!
    Ever dreamed of owning a farm, of looking after your own goats, pigs or cows and then winning the biggest global agricultural fairs through your work as a farmer?
    Then this game is for you!

    Create your own farm, adopt all the farm animals you like and give them all your love to make them the best animal specimens and win the most prestigious agricultural awards! You could even get a farm predator to annoy your friends and their animals!

    Feel free to take responsibility for your friends' animals and look after them in your own farm by showing them your love.
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    Latest Farmzer news

    Farmzer has welcomed the sheepdog to help keep your sheep safe!
    Hello everyone,Some of you on Farmzer probably have one or more sheep, a few goats or even a few cows. It’s a great thing, but who is going to guide...
    Take your animals to space!
    Hello everyone,On July 21st, 1969, only 45 years ago, an American named Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon. Would you have liked to...
    In honor of Bastille Day, France and its regions are being celebrated on Farmzer!
    Hello everyone,As you maybe remember, on June 24th we celebrated the Feast of St. John, Quebec’s national holiday. Three weeks later, it was...
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    Farmzer - Your new farm animalFarmzer - Take care of your farm animalsFarmzer - The agricultural fairs
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