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    Are you scared of reptiles and snakes?
    If you aren't scared of reptiles and snakes and you actually enjoy having them at home with you, then Reptilzer is the game for you!

    Come discover the mysterious world or reptiles and snakes in this game where you can take care of a baby reptile, set up its vivarium and watch it grow.

    You can even create your own Reptile Fan Club!
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    New version of Reptilzer: the first step has been completed!
    Hello everyone,As you may know, a completely overhauled version of Reptilzer  will go live in the second half of 2017 (along with all of the...
    Find items from New Zealand and win gifts!
    You have clearly been inspired by New Zealand because the landscape available to you has already found many takers, and here at Dreamzer Games we have...
    Reptilzer is taking you to a faraway island...
    An island as big as the United Kingdom located 1240 miles from its nearest neighbor – does that sound appealing? Good, because we thought s...
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    Reptilzer - Your new reptileReptilzer - Take care of your reptilesReptilzer - The reptile shows
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