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Shinycatz - Magic Cat Game
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Discover the fantastic world of these magic cats!
Dive into the Shinycatz' world and discover these cats and their magic powers!

Look after one or several Shinycatz', help them progress in the game and play with the Shinycatz' of other players in fabulous adventures in the streets of Paris.

Avoid traps set by the mean Badcatz' and the evil Violaine and take good care of your furry proteges!
Discover Thailand with your companions this month!
After Cambodia, Mongolia, Japan and China, another Asian country takes pride of place all month on Shinycatz and on all the games by Dreamzer Games:...
It’s Christmas all over again on Shinycatz: the 7th sense bonus for just 1 premz' (limited offer)!
Well, Christmas is over for another year and we hope that you got lots of treats. Here at Shinycatz we have decided to make this magical time last a...
Gifts for your cats every day until December 25!
The countdown has begun… Christmas is coming. And we’re not complaining because it’s so great to get together with the family, have a good time and...
Prices slashed in four on products in the shop!
As you may have noticed, the new version of the page for playing with your cats represents an important stage in terms of the creative possibilities...
Shinycatz is doubling your premz' to celebrate the new version of the game!
Let’s be honest: in July and August, we haven’t been spoiling you as much as usual with new breeds, new backgrounds, new items, etc. This is related...
New version of Shinycatz: the first step has been completed!
Hello everyone,As you may know, a completely overhauled version of Shinycatz  will go live in the second half of 2017 (along with all of the...
Find items from New Zealand and win gifts!
You have clearly been inspired by New Zealand because the landscape available to you has already found many takers, and here at Dreamzer Games we have...
Shinycatz is taking you to a faraway island...
An island as big as the United Kingdom located 1240 miles from its nearest neighbor – does that sound appealing? Good, because we thought s...
Shinycatz is doubling your number of premz'!
Summer is synonymous with all sorts of little pleasures… and Shinycatz doesn’t plan to let you down!To that effect, all weekend long we are...
Find items from Iceland and win prizes!
The month of Iceland is in full swing on Shinycatz and on all the games by Dreamzer Games, and as you’ve already probably noticed, the shop i...
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