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Dogzer - Dog Game
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A tail-wagging game!
Adopt and take care of one or several virtual dogs!

Feed and look after your puppy, watch it grow and progress, then make it a champion in the dog shows.

Organize with other players to breed with their dogs and get puppies!

Get a job (groomer, vet...) or create your own kennel club to take care of your friends' dogs.
Adopt a Carpathian Shepherd Dog as part of the month of Romania!
As you have surely noticed, Romania is the country of honor now on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. It’s a dream opportunity to complete...
Discover Romania with your companions!
Calling all animal lovers – this month you are going to discover a little-known country that is full of surprises! That’s right, we are going to be...
Get your dogs into the Holiday spirit with some exclusive coats!
Last year, we offered all the dogs from breeds that appeared over the course of the year the opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas with some...
Adopt a dog that comes straight from the Himalayas: the Tibetan Spaniel!
The month of Nepal is in full swing on Dogzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games, and you can set your companions against a background of the...
Head to Nepal with your companions!
Land of legend, birthplace of Buddha, the roof of the world... We are heading to Nepal this month, a "small" country that nonetheless culminates at...
Take to the countryside with your English Pointer!
Picture yourself leaving at dawn to go hunting (or simply to go for a walk)in the unspoiled Highlands in the company of your faithful English Pointer…...
Take a trip to the sun with the month of Iran!
This month we are celebrating a country from the Middle East on Dogzer and the different games by Dreamzer Games: Iran. Almost as big as Germany,...
The Vallhund has arrived from Sweden: adopt one today!
As you surely know, Sweden is currently being celebrated on Dogzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games. Many of you have been using your imaginations...
Get away from it all for the month of Sweden on Dogzer!
The most faithful among you may remember that we already took a trip to a Scandinavian country – Norway. Two years along (time flies!), it’s the tur...
You are going to love the Thai Bangkaew Dog!
As you are of course aware, Thailand is currently being celebrated on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. As part of the celebration, many...
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