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##NB_JEUX## free community games to play with something you're passionate about, as well as meeting friends who share your passion!
About us

Based in Paris, France, Dreamzer Games is an independant developer and publisher of online browser games on our own behalf or for third parties.

More than just simple online games, we also manage communities of people who enjoy meeting up and chatting everyday in the virtual spaces we've created. Each site provides a number of ways to do this: forums, mini-blogs, groups around a theme or a cause, etc.

2011: The launch of new games

Several new games were launched in 2011: , Shinycatz and .

They demonstrate how well our system works for creating and runnin animal games, as well as games on other subjects.

2012: First international steps

In 2012, Dreamzer Games took its first steps on the international stage with the launch of English, German and Spanish versions of our games.

At the same time, several new games were created, such as ##function5_jeu(13)## and ##function6_jeu(14)##.

2013: all international

Dreamzer Games stepped up its international program in 2013. By the end of that year, all the games were available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

2013 also saw the start of in-depth work on the visual appearance: reworked pages, a new game interface...

3 new games also joined the family: ##function7_jeu(12)##, ##function8_jeu(18)## and ##function9_jeu(7)##.

What about today?

Dreamzer Games is leading recruitment campaigns for new subscribers in more than 25 countries on every continent, and welcomes several thousand new players every day.

Internationalization is continuing, as well as constant improvements to the games and features that are on offer to members.
Dreamzer Games

A problem in a game?

Go and check out the forums for the game in question or contact the support via the link at the bottom of each page.

Other subjects (advertizing, partnerships, etc)

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