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Horzer - Horse Game
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The riding game for horse lovers.
This horse riding game takes you into the world of horses and horse racing where you can manage your very own stable.

You will find everything that gives horse riding its charm, including lots of horse breeds to train and all the famous equestrian competitions: trotting or galloping races, dressage contests, polo or horse-ball matches...

Take care of your first foal and make it grow from your love. Then you can continually improve your favorite horse breeds by choosing yourself the best stallions and mares to produce the best foals for the future of the breed.
There’s a new arrival in the Lucky Bag: adopt the Chilean horse!
As all horse fans know, Chile is currently the country of honor on Horzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. To coincide with the occasion, there...
The Danube Delta horse has come to us from Romania!
We are celebrating Romania at the moment on Horzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games, which gives you the opportunity to treat your equine...
Set off to discover Chile with your companions!
After Romania, we are packing our bags and heading to South America, because the Republic of Chile is being celebrated on Horzer and the different...
Discover Romania with your companions!
Calling all animal lovers – this month you are going to discover a little-known country that is full of surprises! That’s right, we are going to be...
Get your horses into the Holiday spirit with some exclusive coats!
Last year, we offered all the horses from breeds that appeared over the course of the year the opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas with...
From the heart of the Himalaya, the Bhutan pony has come to Horzer!
As you have undoubtedly noticed, Nepal is currently the country of honor on Horzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games. You can create a scene with...
Head to Nepal with your companions!
Land of legend, birthplace of Buddha, the roof of the world... We are heading to Nepal this month, a "small" country that nonetheless culminates at...
The Caspian is coming to Horzer – adopt one today!
At the moment, Iran is country of honor on Horzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games and to coincide with this, the shop of offering lots of typical...
Take a trip to the sun with the month of Iran!
This month we are celebrating a country from the Middle East on Horzer and the different games by Dreamzer Games: Iran. Almost as big as Germany,...
The Swedish Warmblood is on its way, and it’s very colorful!
To coincide with the month of Sweden on Horzer and all the games by Dreamzer Games, you can set your equine friends against a background of Stortoget...
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