• Birdrama

    Take off and adopt all the birds of your dreams!
    This game is without a doubt the most thorough game focusing solely on the wonderful world of birds!

    With this community-based game, become a real ornithologist or birdwatcher.

    Choose your first bird from the dozens of species available and get enough experience to open your own bird park for the other players' birds!
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    Head to Nepal with your companions!
    Land of legend, birthplace of Buddha, the roof of the world... We are heading to Nepal this month, a "small" country that nonetheless culminates at...
    Take a trip to the sun with the month of Iran!
    This month we are celebrating a country from the Middle East on Birdrama and the different games by Dreamzer Games: Iran. Almost as big as Germany,...
    Get away from it all for the month of Sweden on Birdrama!
    The most faithful among you may remember that we already took a trip to a Scandinavian country – Norway. Two years along (time flies!), it’s the tur...
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    Images of the game

    Birdrama - Your new birdBirdrama - Take care of your birdsBirdrama - The bird shows
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