• Shinycatz

    Discover the fantastic world of these magic cats!
    Dive into the Shinycatz' world and discover these cats and their magic powers!

    Look after one or several Shinycatz', help them progress in the game and play with the Shinycatz' of other players in fabulous adventures in the streets of Paris.

    Avoid traps set by the mean Badcatz' and the evil Violaine and take good care of your furry proteges!
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    Set off to discover Chile with your companions!
    After Romania, we are packing our bags and heading to South America, because the Republic of Chile is being celebrated on Shinycatz and the different...
    Discover Romania with your companions!
    Calling all animal lovers – this month you are going to discover a little-known country that is full of surprises! That’s right, we are going to be...
    Head to Nepal with your companions!
    Land of legend, birthplace of Buddha, the roof of the world... We are heading to Nepal this month, a "small" country that nonetheless culminates at...
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    Images of the game

    Shinycatz - Your new catShinycatz - Take care of your catsShinycatz - The adventures
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